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Parkinson's FIT Program at Doylestown Fitness Center

If you’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, know that there’s a lot you can do to help manage your symptoms. The Parkinson’s FIT Program at our gym in Doylestown is here to show you just that. We offer a 6-week fitness program that’s all about helping you gain strength and improve mobility. Research suggests that aerobic activities like walking, cycling, and swimming are beneficial, and if you’re at a stage where mobility is a bit tricky, the program can be adjusted for seated exercises too.

Our program isn’t just about exercise, it’s a community where you’ll find support and encouragement. So, let’s navigate this journey together!

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Our guide covers:
  • The benefits of exercise for people who have Parkinson’s Disease
  • The best types of exercise for improving overall quality of life
  • How and when to get started
  • What type of complementary therapies are available
  • And more…
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Safety First

The Parkinson’s FIT Program at Cornerstone includes both in-person and virtual training options.  Before beginning, participants (and caregivers if desired) meet with one of our  certified Parkinson’s Fitness  Specialists. During this intake, our coaches take the time to learn about each person’s specific challenges.  They then design a program that is safe and appropriate.

Parkinson’s FIT at Cornerstone includes:

  • Three classes/week over a six week session (sessions may be scheduled consecutively)
  • The option to add two additional days of cycling
  • Initial consultation with a Parkinson’s Fitness Specialist
  • Membership in the Parkinson’s FIT Care – Partners Support Group which meets virtually once per month
  • $155/six-week session includes all of the above plus 10% discount on all spa services and personal training
    (one-on-one and group personal training available with one of our specialists)
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Parkinson's FIT Workouts

Rock Steady Boxing

RSB is based on the principle of “forced intense” exercise. The idea of “fighting back” in this non-contact, boxing workout, goes farther than the physical benefits anyone can gain from training like a boxer (improved agility, balance, strength, mobility, stamina).  No boxing experience required.

PWR! Moves

PWR! Moves is a Parkinson’s specific exercise approach that directly targets four foundational movements to counteract the primary deficits shown by research to interfere with everyday mobility. The session structure can adapt to different needs of the participants and can progress. PWR!Moves is a Parkinson’s exercise revolution designed to improve movement at all levels.


This indoor cycling class is designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s Disease.  Working in a group setting in a well designed cycling program has been shown to help in symptom management of the disease.





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Jumping into a fitness journey is all about you, and like any epic adventure, it’s got to start with a solid base. At our Doylestown gym, we’re all about getting to know your personal ‘why’ before anything else. Each gym membership starts with getting to know you better through a fitness assessment. Then together, we’ll help you set goals that’ll keep your fitness moving forward.

Cornerstone takes your health and wellness seriously, and our amenities, services, and staff of fitness experts ensure a tailored experience. For every body. 

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