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Post Physical Therapy

This program aids individuals in their transition from physical therapy towards embracing a healthy and active lifestyle. It provides guidance on how to sustain long-term fitness and wellness post-rehab.

Cardiac Rehab Program

Heart Strong is the next step for patients who have graduated from a formal cardiac rehab program. The goal is to maintain optimal heart health and fitness through guided exercise.

Parkinsons Fit Program

Parkinson's Fit offers both in-person and virtual training. Participants first meet with a certified Parkinson's fitness specialist who learns about their unique challenges and designs a customized program.

a gym member punches a target during a parkinsons boxing medical fitness program at a doylestown gym

Medical Fitness

Achieve Wellness at Doylestown Gym

Restore your confidence and ease of movement with the specialized medical fitness programs at Cornerstone. Whether you’re recuperating from surgery, managing a chronic disease, or simply striving for improved overall health, we’re committed to supporting you on your journey!

gym members use spinning machines during a parkinson's fit medical fitness class at a doylestown gym

Parkinson's Fit Program

The Parkinson’s Fit program, which includes both in-person and virtual options, helps enhance mobility and overall quality of life. Before beginning, participants (along with their caregivers, if they wish) meet with a Parkinson’s fitness specialist to discuss abilities and challenges. Then, a safe and customized exercise program is developed. Workouts include:

    Rock Steady Boxing This non-contact, boxing workout goes farther than the physical benefits of improved agility, balance, strength, mobility, stamina.

    Pwr! Moves A Parkinson’s specific exercise approach that directly targets foundational movements. The session structure can adapt to different needs of the participants.
    Cycling This indoor cycling class is designed specifically for those with Parkinson’s. Cycling keeps muscles toned and hearts healthy.

Post Physical Therapy

Recognizing the challenges of post-surgery or injury recovery, our Post Physical Therapy program strives to smooth the transition from physical therapy to routine exercise.

The initial appointment with our exercise specialist helps to discover your specific goals and interests. Over the six-week program, you’ll experience two thirty-minute exercise sessions per week, each guided by a trainer.

Getting Started

  • This program is available to patients referred by Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates.
  • Program cost is $395 for six weeks, which includes full access to our Doylestown gym.
  • At the end of the program, participants can elect to join the club at the current monthly membership rate with no enrollment fee.
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Heart Strong

For those who’ve participated in a cardiac rehab program and want to continue focusing on heart health, the Heart Strong program is dedicated to improving health and wellness — and possibly preventing another cardiac event.

You could benefit from Heart Strong if you’ve been involved in cardiac rehabilitation and have experienced:

  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Failure
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Bypass Surgery
  • Stent Procedure
  • Heart Valve Repair & Surgery
  • Heart Transplant
  • Lung Transplant
  • Angina

If it’s been six months or longer since you’ve exercised, you’ll need a referral from your Doylestown Health cardiologist.

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