Tips for Staying Active While You Age

Life is good. We have so much to live for – playing a game of tag with our grandkids and picking them up high overhead, adventure travel where those steep ancient steps can be handled with ease, a friendly game of pickleball that doesn’t leave you breathless. So why let age become a barrier? Despite our aching joints (or maybe because of them), adding a healthy dose of fitness can go a long way to improving the quality of our lives.

My mantra (for myself) and all my Senior clients is “Never, never stop moving.” Or as we have also heard – a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Movement keeps our joints lubricated, our hearts pumping strong and our bodies more able. And maybe just as important, movement keeps our spirits high and our brains thinking clearer. So, don’t get stuck sitting around. Here are some tips for staying active while you age that may help keep you moving.

Do What You Love 

Physical activity comes in all forms. We tend to stick with activities we enjoy. If you like more competitive activities, maybe tennis, golf or pickleball are the way to go. If more mindful activities suit your persona, try yoga or tai chi. And the social atmosphere of a group fitness class can keep you coming back for more.

Schedule Activities And Build Around It 

Make exercise part of your routine. Plan at least two scheduled fitness activities a week and then build other activities around that – maybe a bike ride, walk or a hike – fun activities that you can do on the spur of the moment with loved ones. I always have in my mind the activity I can do tomorrow. Keeping active everyday should be our goal!

Mix It Up

Our bodies respond the best to various activities that challenge all of our systems.  So when you are looking to “plan” your fitness for the week, think about variety.  Strength, flexibility and endurance all come into play and you have a better chance of hitting all of these areas if you vary your workouts. Maybe it is the gym on Monday and Wednesday; golf game on Friday; fill-in with an outing with the grandkids, a bike ride and a walk with your spouse. (Gosh, doesn’t that sound like a fun week!) Remember, variety is the spice of life!

Modify your exercise routine by changing your activity up.Modify, Modify, Modify 

Nobody gets to 60 without some joint pain, chronic illness or even a disability.   And we certainly aren’t jumping as high or climbing the trees of our youth. Despite this, we can still do most of what we love, but with some slight (oh, okay) big modifications. And it is important to protect what we have. So play pickleball instead of tennis, use lighter weights with more repetitions, exercise in the water to reduce impact on your joints, ride a recumbent bike – be creative.

Life is to be enjoyed, no matter your age. Get out there and do it! And don’t forget your fitness professionals at The Cornerstone Clubs – they can help advise you on proper modifications to your fitness routine.

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