Use canned food as dumbbells.

Workout At Home Using Everyday Objects

With a little creativity, anyone can turn a space in their home into a home gym. It is true that a dedicated workout space and proper equipment can make things a little easier – and set the “mood” for a workout. But in a pinch, it’s still possible to get a decent workout at home using everyday objects most of us already have laying around.

Yoga Using Everyday Objects

Fortunately, yoga classes don’t require a lot of equipment and rarely require a large workout space. In lieu of a yoga mat, you could use a small rug. Just make sure it’s non-slip or placed upon another larger rug for traction.

If you use a yoga block for hand support in a standing posture, a low table or stool may suffice. If a step is being used under your foot, sometimes the bottom step on a set of stairs will do the trick. If the block is to be used for hip or back support, a large book may do the trick.

Yoga straps are easy to substitute. Look around for an old necktie, scarf, robe tie or towel. And don’t forget about a chair. If you need support or have trouble getting up and down the floor, a chair is essential.

Workout at home using everyday objects - a towel as a yoga strap.
Barre Using Everyday Objects

The most essential pieces of equipment for your home barre workout are a non-slip floor, a sturdy support (this can be a chair or any other sturdy piece of furniture in your home) and a pair of lightweight dumbbells for added resistance. If you don’t own a pair of dumbbells, read on for some excellent swaps.

From Barre Instructor Catie Tritremmel:
“You can use a rolled-up towel to replace a squishy ball and water bottles to replace light weights.”

Workout at home using everyday objects - a chair in place of a ballet barre.

Weight Training Using Everyday Objects

You might consider it impossible to participate in livestreaming classes like Group Active, Group Power, or Tighten and Tone without a barbell and a few sets of dumbbells. But this isn’t true! There are plenty of everyday objects you can substitute for weight training.

In place of lighter dumbbells, consider using canned food or smaller water bottles filled with water, rocks, or sand. In place of heavier dumbbells, grab a couple of 5-gallon water jugs and again fill with something that adds weight. A 72 oz jug of laundry soap weighs about 5lbs, and like a water jug, has a handle making it easy to lift and maneuver.

For squats, lunges, and other leg work done with a bar on the back, use a backpack and fill it with something heavy. Books, canned goods, and bags of pet food or sand can add serious weight to a backpack.

In place of gliding discs, grab some paper plates. Yes, it’s that simple!

Finally, don’t forget chairs and stairs. A chair can be used for anything from step-ups to tricep dips. Turn your bottom step into a “bench” for pushups (hands up for something a little easier and feet up for something a little harder).

From Group Fitness Instructor Alyson Zimmer:
“This past summer, I used a hose as battle ropes, a staircase to do offset squats, jump lunges, reverse lunges and calf raises and push-ups. Broom sticks are good for stretching. I’ve had people use couch throw pillows as balls for ball slams (gets your heart rate up and it’s great for core activation!!). I’ve also had participants use gallon water containers for farmers walks.”

Workout at home using everyday objects - heavy cans as dumbbells.

From Group Fitness Instructor Morgan Fink:  
“Here are some quick and simple ways to execute basic moves from Group Power using dumbbells (or water bottles, cans, etc).”

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Don’t let a lack of equipment prevent you from participating in some of our most popular workouts at home. Whether you are traveling or unable to get to the club for other reasons, you can still workout with Cornerstone!

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