Picture of a man's back with computer code overlayed on the image.

The Human Body

A Masterpiece of Self-Sustaining Technology

In an age where technology advances rapidly, it’s hard not to be in awe of how it enhances our lives. However, what happens when our computers crash, or our cars won’t start? Often, it’s due to a lack of preventive maintenance or simple wear and tear. We view it as an inconvenience, but it’s easy to overlook the most remarkable piece of machinery we possess: the human body.


Much like a reliable car, we often take our bodies for granted, assuming they will always get us where we need to go. We typically notice them only when something goes wrong, leading to frustration. Think about your daily drive: you turn the key or press a button, and your car takes you on your journey. Similarly, your heart pumps blood, delivering oxygen and nutrients to trillions of cells, and your lungs exchange carbon dioxide for fresh oxygen—all without a second thought. These processes, like a car’s engine, happen smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Photo of a doctor looking at an image of a human body on a computer screen.

Now, consider what happens when your car has a flat tire or a dead battery. It’s a minor inconvenience but enough to disrupt your plans. The same goes for our bodies. When we get a cut, cells rush to the site to begin repair. Platelets form a clot, preventing excessive bleeding, while white blood cells fend off potential infections. Over days or weeks, new skin forms, and eventually, the wound heals. This self-repair mechanism is like a car’s built-in diagnostics and repair features, working tirelessly to get us back on track.


We can also tune and improve our bodies. With consistent effort, our muscles grow stronger, our coordination improves, and we are more capable of taking on challenging tasks. This adaptability is like customizing a car for better performance.

While we marvel at the latest tech gadgets and vehicles, let’s not forget to appreciate the incredible, self-sustaining, and adaptable machine that is the human body. It is one of the most sophisticated and awe-inspiring systems we know of. Embrace it. Take care of it. Challenge it and celebrate it. It is truly the epitome of natural engineering.

Jim Bishop
Founder & President
Cornerstone Clubs


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