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Group Exercise Schedule: Choose Fitness Classes for You

Have you ever wandered the aisles of a department store with the vague goal of buying some clothes? When I do this, I usually end up meandering for a while before buying something I really don’t need. Or I walk out with nothing at all because I find the sheer volume of choices paralyzing when I try to shop without a specific goal in mind.

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Similarly, I often find that people who are new to Cornerstone Clubs experience the same paralysis when faced with our group exercise schedules. With over 300 classes offered every week with membership, the choices can be overwhelming. So, how do you choose?

First – Key Questions & Your Goals:

The first thing you can do is ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What am I interested in?
    You want to choose something that you think you’ll like because then you’ll be more inclined to stick with it.
  2. What is my fitness level?
    If you are new to exercise, perhaps a high intensity interval training class isn’t the best choice for you right now. Conversely, if you are a seasoned athlete, it may be the perfect fit!
  3. What are my goals?
    Do I want to increase my flexibility? How about my cardiovascular fitness and endurance? What about strength?

Classes by Interest, Goals and Fitness Level

Now, keeping your answers to these questions in mind, let’s navigate the Group Exercise schedule. Here are fitness classes suggestions based on top interests and goals, as well as fitness levels:

Building strength:

  • Tighten ‘N Tone, Sculpt, Barre Fitness and Group Power™.
    These classes are weight-based and designed to improve muscular strength and endurance.Fitness level: All. You can choose the amount of weight used, and all exercises are modifiable.

Higher intensity, more athletic, interval training:

  • Interval Burn, Cardio Craze, Metabolic Training, Boot Camp, Tabata, Aqua Tabata, Group Blast™ and Group Fight™.
    Interval-based cross training workouts like these burn a lot of calories and can improve your overall functional fitness level.Fitness level: Mid to High. These classes really mix it up, and can include intense cardio and strength work punctuated with periods of recovery.

Lower impact workouts (easier on the joints):

  • Indoor Cycling, Trampoline Cardio Intervals, Barre Classes, Aquatic Classes
    • Indoor cycling is a wonderful option, especially since anyone at any fitness level can do it successfully. In these classes, participants control their own resistance level on the bike, so cyclists can ride easy or hard depending upon their individual goals.
    • Trampoline Cardio Intervals is not only low impact, but fun, fun, fun! Who doesn’t like to jump around to music?
    • Barre Fitness is so low-impact, it’s conducted in your bare feet. Take this class and train like a dancer, toning and stretching your body all at one time.
    • Finally, we offer numerous aquatics classes at our Warrington facility which range from less intense like Ai Chi and Aqua Toning, to workouts you might feel the next day like Aqua Power Hour, Aqua Tabata and Waterlogged.Fitness level: All.

Strong Core:

  • Abs & Stretch, or any of our Pilates Mat classes. As you twist, turn and bend through life, your core muscles are at work keeping your body safe and helping it move through your everyday and sports activities. Many of our strength and cardio classes include a core training component, but check out these classes if you want to focus specifically on this aspect of your fitness.

Fitness Level: All.

Reducing stress and increasing flexibility:

  • Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Restore and Renew. Our full range of mind-body classes focus on meditation and breathing.
    Fitness level: All.
  • Yoga Gently, Beginner Yoga, Yoga Gold and Chair Yoga (for those who need the support of a chair).
    Fitness level: Great choices for newcomers and those who want a less intense experience.
  • Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.
    Fitness level: Great for all levels.
  • Ashtanga, Anusura Style and advanced Vinyasa Yoga.
    Fitness level: For those interested in deepening their practice.

Specific interests:

  • Zumba™, Let’s Dance. If you like dancing, pair these with a couple of Barre classes a week and you can create a fun, dance inspired fitness regimen.
  • Group Fight™, Punch ‘N Tone. If you are itching to punch and kick, unleash your inner warrior with these kick boxing classes!

     Fitness level: Medium to intense.

Mossa Clasees (Mossa is a developer of professional, high quality, group fitness workouts. Currently, we offer four Mossa programs at Cornerstone Clubs.):

  • Group Power (a results-driven strength-training workout)
  • Group Fight (an explosive mixed martial arts cardio and strength workout that requires no equipment, just your enthusiasm)
  • Group Blast (a simple step based workout designed to train fitness, agility, coordination and strength)
  • Group Active (a simple, athletic workout focusing on cardio, strength, balance and flexibility)
  • Not only do all Mossa instructors undergo a rigorous training and certification process, but all quarterly released Mossa programs have been refined through a methodical testing process (150 test classes worldwide) ensuring motivational, safe and effective workouts (and awesome music!).

Need More Guidance?

Hopefully, the Cornerstone Clubs’ Group Exercise schedule has been demystified, at least a little bit. If you are still unsure about what to try or where to begin, please take advantage of our Wellness Coaching service. Consider your Wellness Coach just that – a personal coach who is happy to learn about you and help you make the best health, wellness and fitness classes choices for you!

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