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Busting 7 Group Fitness Myths

At Cornerstone, we believe strongly in the value and effectiveness of group fitness.  Research has shown that working out with others, especially to music, increases motivation, exercise adherence, brain health and so much more. It’s also social and a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, we frequently hear many misconceptions about Group Fitness from people who are reluctant to give it a try.

“I’m not in good enough shape to take a GX class right now.”

“I’m don’t have enough flexibility to try yoga or Group Centergy.”

“I have two left feet and have a hard time following along – I don’t want to feel awkward and unsuccessful.”

“Group fitness classes aren’t challenging enough – they aren’t a “proper” workout so I’ll be better off doing something on my own in the gym.”

It’s high time to dispel some of the most common group fitness myths!

Group Fitness Classes Will Be Too Hard For Me

It’s not “get in better shape” to take a group fitness class.  Rather, it’s take a group fitness class and get in better shape!   With a class schedule as broad as Cornerstone’s, you can find classes suitable for every fitness level.  Moreover, intensity level can be adjusted within a class.  Modifications exist for every exercise and our instructors are ready, willing and able to offer modifications suitable to your specific level.  And, don’t assume you will be the only doing things “differently” if you modify. Look into any group fitness class, and you will see a group of people all moving differently and working at different fitness levels.

Group Fitness Classes Will Be Too Easy For Me

This myth is common to fitness junkies.  The fact is, exercises can be modified up for intensity just as easily as they can be modified down to reduce the challenge.  A participant can always up their own ante by lifting heavier weight, riding with more resistance, using more impact, etc.  Sometimes, fitness junkies overlook the other benefits that come with group fitness classes such as cross training (doing something new!), learning new movement patterns (Zumba!) and recovery (yoga/Group Centergy).

Group Fitness Is All Cardio

This is an easy one to debunk.  Group fitness has evolved greatly since it’s inception a few decades ago. A modern class schedule includes everything from Zumba to cycling to barre to strength training to yoga and much more.

Group Fitness Classes Require Coordination And I’m Awkward

While it is true that some classes require a degree of coordination, others require much less.  If you aren’t quite ready to follow the choreography in a dance fitness class, try a barre or cycling class, give Interval Burn a try or drop into Group Active.  The fact is, training for timing, rhythm, speed and coordination are important to both your body and your brain.  If this an area that is challenging for you, taking group fitness classes can help you improve it.  And, if you feel intimidated seeing a group of people moving in sync in a class, remember that NO ONE started out that way. Every single person you see started out going left when others were going right.  Each person stuck with it and got better at it over time. And you will too!

Group Fitness Is For Women

Group fitness’ roots in Jazzercise and Aerobics have led many to believe that it is only for women.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  There are many varieties of exercise class styles to suit everyone. Some of the best dance instructors are guys and some of the toughest strength coaches are gals.  The old “rules” no longer apply. Women shouldn’t be reluctant to head over to the weight lifting room and men shouldn’t hesitate to cross the group fitness room threshold.

Group Fitness Classes Are Not A “Proper” Workout

Some people bypass taking a class because they feel they can get a better workout on their own.  This may be true in some cases – but not all!  Unfortunately, a lot of people come to the gym with no real plan in mind.  When you attend class, you don’t have to come up with your own routine or plan the perfect playlist. It’s all done for you!  Modern group fitness classes are professionally designed and will give you a safe, effective and complete experience.  It’s also tough to stay motivated when you work out by yourself. If you join a class and stick with it, you’ll experience the motivation, camaraderie, energy and fun that comes with working out with others.

Group Fitness Instructors Are A Scary Bunch Of Drill Sergeants

Believe it or not, instructors aren’t there to order you around and yell at you – they are there to guide and help you. They are there to teach you, motivate you, inspire you and support you.  If you are attending class for the first time, arrive a little early and introduce yourself to your instructor. Share any concerns or reservations you have and then relax and enjoy the experience.

For those of you who don’t take group fitness classes, we hope that you’ll give them a try now that we’ve busted a few of the top myths.  Take a look at our class schedules and check out the descriptions.  Pick something that looks interesting and give it a try!  And, if you still have questions or are not sure what would be a good fit for you, take a few minutes to talk to a Wellness Coach.  See you in class soon!



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