Prom Prep Facial Special: Start Taking Care of Teen Skin Now

Now is the time to start preparing your skin to glow for prom season. After a drying, cold winter, a series of teen facials is a wonderful way to renew your skin for spring so that it looks its best for special events.


At the Spa at Cornerstone our estheticians hear from women all the time, “If only I started taking care of my skin when I was younger!” The age spots, sun damage and dull complexion on older skin didn’t happen in a day, and it can’t be fixed in a day. But if a good skin-care regimen is started in the teens, skin will stay healthy, problem-free and younger looking longer.

Bottom line: the teen/young adult years are the perfect time to start a good skincare routine. It is best to start with a free consultation to discuss habits, products used and desired outcome. The esthetician can then make recommendations based on skin type, problems (acneic, dry, irritated), lifestyle, make-up choices or affordability concerns.

The finest makeup in the world won’t help if the palette, the skin itself, isn’t healthy. Start this prom season with fresh gorgeous skin by using the proper products for your skin type, consistently following a regimen (wash, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, apply sunscreen), and receiving regular facials every 6 weeks or so. These simple steps can make all the difference in how teen skin will look and feel as it becomes adult skin.

Our Prom Prep Facial Special is available till April 30, 2017: Teen Facials are just $65. Coming up in May is our Teen Care Interactive Workshop – sign up for Cornerstone’s email updates to receive more detailed information on this event.


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