Pressed for Time? Try Group Active, one of the Best Fitness Classes in Bucks County

Last week, I brought my husband to a Group Power class for the first time. As I sat in the car on the way over, I realized just how I felt before going to my first class. No matter how experienced an exerciser you are, trying something new can be scary!

This brings me to the newest class offered in Cornerstone’s New Hope and Doylestown locations – Group Active – because of its success in our Warrington club! This simple, full body workout is perfect for everyone! Here’s why:

Group Active Class lifting weights at Cornerstone Fitness ClubsWho should take Group Active?

  • Anyone that is new to exercise or that has not exercised in a long time.
  • Those who are unsure where to begin with exercise.
  • Infrequent exercisers that want a well-rounded workout.
  • Individuals with busy schedules that need a comprehensive, time-efficient workout.
  • The experienced exerciser who wants to work hard and do it all in one hour.

That’s a lot of different people, and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with Group Active! As a full body workout that includes strength, cardio, balance and flexibility, Group Active is a class that can be fulfilling and challenging for a range of abilities and experiences. The movements are simple, focus on major muscle groups, and include an emphasis on exercise progression – not complication.

So what do you do in Group Active?

Group Class push ups on step up boxes at Group Active at Cornerstone Fitness Clubs.

Each class includes:

  • Five Cardio Tracks – Warm-Up, Basics, Intervals, Peak and Active Recovery – that are designed to gradually elevate your heart rate and activity level while building upon movements covered earlier in class.
  • Four Strength Tracks – Back & Legs, Chest, Arms and Core – focusing on big muscles and movements!
  • One Balance Track to train your brain! Balance doesn’t just happen; we need to work on it! (The balance track is my favorite in the current release!)
  • One Flexibility Track so your muscles feel better and you’re ready to come back for more!

When does it start?

Instructor at Group Active class at Cornerstone Fitness ClubsGroup Active debuted in Warrington in 2015 and will launch the week of November 13th in Doylestown and New Hope.  We offer multiple classes throughout the week at each of our conveniently located clubs ensuring that you have many opportunities to experience Group Active on days and at times that work for you.

For a sneak peak of our launch release, check out the October 2017 trailer:


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