Physical and Mental Benefits of Indoor Cycling, No Matter How You Spin It

Indoor cycing class has great mental benefits as well as physical

I was an “outdoor” cyclist for about 10 years when I was in my mid-thirties, even in the Winter! Brrrrr!!!

I loved it. Being outdoors in nature is always something I love to do. But then, “life” got in the way – and the time and inconvenience of having to pack up the car with the bike and the gear, drive at least 30 minutes to meet up with my cycling buddies somewhere, ride for two hours, drive back home, clean off the bike from the road grime, and then finally take a shower took its toll on my interest. And that’s if I didn’t get a flat on the road or worse, chased by a dog or nearly sideswiped by a car!

So about 10 years ago I stepped into the Cornerstone New Hope Indoor Cycling facility. I got on the bike and just enjoyed riding to the music. But within two weeks, I was laughing and chatting with the people around me as we worked and pushed each other to be better cyclists overall.

How & Why I Fell in Love With Indoor Cycling

Cycling classAnd then the challenging part of cycling indoors kicked in. I wanted to learn how to run in position two which is challenging because it requires pedaling at a faster pace while standing out of the saddle. I wanted to learn how to simulate riding in a paceline (when cyclists travel in a line, one close behind the other, to conserve energy), and really feel me push myself since, well… I was the paceline! And the way I felt after successfully completing class and really pushing myself to my own personal limits converted me to loving this sport – each and every class!

The amazing thing about indoor cycling is what the instructor says but people rarely listen to – “It’s your ride; I’m just here to help you get the most out of it.” That means for every different personality, fitness goal, level of fitness, even down to how a cyclist feels that day, the indoor cycling class is the glue that brings it all together. Cycling classes are very inclusive; everyone can ride at their own level and “do their own thing” – but together!  And, for the newcomer, the instructors and class attendees are endlessly helpful, pleasant and FUN!!

No Biking Experience Necessary

Trainer teacher new cyclistA new indoor cyclist doesn’t even have to know how to ride a bike outdoors because a spinning bike is a completely different piece of equipment which provides a unique workout. The physical and mental benefits of indoor cycling extend throughout the day, long after class has ended. The climbing efforts keep the “big” muscles burning fat calories long after you’ve left the room, and the quicker pace efforts spike the heart rate and get the blood – and sweat! – pumping so that the body can improve its ability to recover from all types of intense efforts.

Now, no matter how I feel before a class – tired, sad, annoyed, stressed, happy, whatever – when I get in that saddle, the world leaves me and I am transformed into a serious, passionate cyclist who loves the workout, thrives on perfecting my technique, and loves to laugh and joke and enjoy the people around me in the room as we all work to improve ourselves.

Come Along for the Ride

Won’t you join us? At least once! It’s so simple to get started.  There is no special equipment required. Attend class in comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoes – and don’t forget your water bottle and a towel. Drop by any of our regularly scheduled classes (10 – 15 minutes prior to the start time) to have one of our certified instructors set you up on a bike and give you a quick overview of the equipment and class.

About Lenny Vicciardo: Lenny is a Fitness Instructor at Cornerstone New Hope.

Check out our class schedule to find a class that’s right for you. Not a member? Not a problem! Sign up for our free 7-day trial membership and sample as many classes as you like!

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