New Year, New You? Don’t Let GYMtimidation Get in Your Way

Woman on cycle in cycle class

As the New Year approaches, it’s natural to think about aspects of your life you want to improve and changes you want to make. There are cool, exciting new things to try, and resolutions you may want to set.

For many people these include losing weight and getting in better shape. Of course, joining a gym or setting a new fitness goal is the first step. Our new guide, How to Conquer GYMtimidation, can help you deal with any gym-related anxiety and stay on course. Here’s how.

Woman with yoga mat at yoga classInitially, you’re psyched about getting started and the mental picture of achieving your goals. You may envision yourself in the front row of virtual cycling class, your toned muscles glistening with sweat. Or mastering a one-handed tree pose and other intricacies of yoga – with an easy smile. Or exercising effortlessly on an unfamiliar piece of fitness equipment.

But often, when it comes time to go to the gym or that new yoga class – people simply just don’t go. And then guilt sets in for not following through on resolutions, and for paying for a class or club they’re not utilizing.

What happened?

Our new ebook, How to Conquer GYMtimidation, was created to address these very issues. It discusses a study that found that people who didn’t feel they were good at exercise, or who were afraid of others seeing them exercise, were more likely to avoid the gym.

How to Conquer GYMtimidation outlines the reasons why you may feel intimidated at the gym, and what you can do to overcome your anxieties – at any fitness level.

Trainer Michael Strouse at Cornerstone ClubsIt also includes the first-person story of Michael Strouse, a trainer at Cornerstone Clubs. He tells about his journey from a wake-up call about his health and bariatric surgery, to joining a gym for the first time, and ultimately becoming a fitness instructor.

We hope our guide will help you proactively understand the issues around GYMtimidation, and it helps you feel good about going to the gym – so you can achieve your new fitness goals, and stick with it!

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