Piece of paper with a choice between "hunter gatherer" and "couch potato".

Lessons from Our Hunter-Gatherer Ancestors

Moving With Purpose

We’ve come a long way since our hunter-gatherer days, yet in some ways, not much has changed. While their lifestyle may seem primitive compared to today’s modern conveniences, there’s a lot to be said about spending a significant portion of your day moving—and not just moving, but moving with purpose.

Movement Is Natural

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t have the luxury of grocery stores or online shopping. They had to move to survive. Every step they took, every action they performed, was essential for their survival. They didn’t stress over it; they simply did what needed to be done. Movement was a natural, integral part of their daily lives.

Primitive basket full of berries.

Sedentary Lifestyles Are Harming Our Health

Fast forward to today, and things are quite different. Hunting and gathering have turned into searching and clicking or driving and buying. We expect instant gratification and get stressed if our Amazon package arrives a day late. Our lifestyles have become more sedentary, leading to a host of health issues. Since we no longer need to spend our days hunting for food, we must find ways to incorporate exercise into our routines. And the exercise you do should provide benefits far beyond mere survival. It needs to be consistent, done in an environment that keeps you motivated, and part of a community that will help you thrive.

By embracing the concept of moving with purpose, we can improve our physical health, reduce stress, and reconnect with the natural rhythms of life. Let’s honor our ancestors by incorporating more purposeful movement into our lives. Technology has added tremendous value to our lives, and the more we value our bodies, the more we can take advantage of it.

Jim Bishop
Cornerstone Clubs


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