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How To Stay Healthy Over The Holidays


The holidays are here.  I absolutely love this time of year and I am sure so many of you do, too.   But, many of us wonder how to stay healthy over the holidays.  This year has been different for sure and the holiday season hasn’t exactly felt the same!  The holiday season is supposed to bring families and friends together and light up our children’s faces!  Meanwhile, making everything magical causes A LOT of stress and this year even more than ever!!   We all have our holiday traditions that we look forward to every year.  And I am sure we are all wondering how we are going to keep them while limiting our gatherings, but it is ever so important to continue to celebrate even if on a much smaller scale!


One of the biggest stressors of any holiday season is how to manage our health and fitness during this time.  With limited gatherings, maybe this won’t be as big of an issue for some.  But, I know we are still very busy and have limited time in our schedules.  We are also planning on baking cookies, decorating our gingerbread houses, and, of course, eating our holiday favorites during our feast.  I want to try to keep things as normal as possible.  I still want to take time for holiday fun without sacrificing my waistline.

Gift Wrapped Dumbbells
Give yourself the gift of a healthy holiday.

Some suggestions to help you create a healthy holiday:

Try not to stress eat –
Take a virtual yoga class or try some deep breathing to manage stress instead.

Make smaller batches of cookies and treats –
Since we aren’t going anywhere to bring our goodies we might as well make less and then we will eat less.

Meal plan –
Yes, even around the holidays of course you may stray but if you have a plan you are more likely not to fall completely off the rails

Eat smaller portions –
Enjoy your favorites but don’t overdue it.

Don’t skip your workout –
Cornerstone is open every day over the holiday season EXCEPT Christmas day!

Pamper yourself –
All of Cornerstone’s Spa services are going to help you de-stress

MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can’t be your BEST self if you are not taking care of yourself!!!

We are all looking forward to the New Year – this I know for sure!   Wishing everyone a very HAPPY and SAFE holiday. 2021 is just around the corner!!!

Kristin Fredericks
Doylestown Wellness Coach

Cornerstone Clubs offers all members free wellness coaching (including InBody analysis). For more information on our Wellness Program, please click here for Doylestown and here for New Hope.

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