Health and Wellness: Exercise with the Older Adult in Your Life

Grandpa pushing grandaughter on bike - exercising together.

It’s been proven time and time again: Physical activity is the cornerstone of vitality. It not only brings years to your life, but life to your years! Dig deeper into this phenomenon of movement and you’ll find that exercising with the older adult in your life it not only healthy for you both, but the bond it forms is virtually unbreakable.

Exercise and the older adult - Granpop picking blackberries with grandaughterSharing these moments in time can spark an understanding for a person’s history, create space in our day for conversation, and allow for personal growth all while gaining the benefits of moving more. Some of my fondest memories where working in the garden with my grandfather. Each weekend, he would trade in his dress slacks for an old, worn out pair of jeans that would hang on a rusty nail in our garage just to get his hands in the dirt. I loved listening to his stories while we worked and the advice he shared is still with me today.

Ideas for Moving Together

Other ways to move more together can be simple, effortless and not cost a penny:

  • Walk! This is always available and can lead us on many adventures.
  • Splash around in the pool, ocean or lake. You’ll cool off and have a lot of fun!
  • Get out the ping-pong paddles and play a game or two. Squatting down to get the ball is a great way to build up leg strength and reaching the paddle to hit the ball will challenge our balance.
  • Build a sand castle.
  • Kick a ball around or have a catch with a younger family member. Summer is a great time to dust off those backyard BBQ games too!
  • Put on your all time favorite songs and have a dance party.
  • Create a simple scavenger hunt around town. Come up with a list of things together that one might find. Either stroll or bike around completing your check list.

Exercising with the older adult in your life benefits our body, mind and spirit. Socializing improves our emotional well-being. If we keep the activities fun, there will be more of a chance we’ll want to keep it up.

Cornerstone Clubs offers opportunities to spend time with older adults in your life.  We offer many options designed specifically for seniors as well as classes and workouts that accommodate all levels allowing older and younger people to exercise together.

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