Considering Physical Therapy in Bucks County? Visit Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates

Physical therapist working on a patient. Cornerstone physical therapy available in Bucks County, PA.Cornerstone Physical Therapy, with offices within Cornerstone Club’s Doylestown and New Hope locations, provides comprehensive physical therapy services. We get many questions regarding how to start physical therapy.  Our mission is to help our patients move better and decrease pain to better maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We are here to help you get back to living! 

Get Started

Doctor handing prescription for physical therapy. Make sure you get cleared for physical therapy and get a prescription from you doctor.To begin your course of treatment, you need to obtain a prescription for physical therapy from a physician. Physical therapy can be prescribed by a specialist or even by your family physician. A typical evaluation will take one to one and a half hours. We will evaluate you, explain our findings, and together determine your goals and treatment plan.

How We Can Help

Physical therapist helping male patient. Cornerstone Clubs has all types of physical therapy rehab options.Cornerstone Physical Therapy is focused on giving you the tools you need to best manage your injury and return to pre-injury activities. Physical therapy offers an array of rehab options for a multitude of injuries and conditions. It can be helpful when recovering from athletic injuries such as a pulled muscle, rehabbing joint replacements, or in the treatment of neurological disorders. Our clinicians have experience with muscle strains, back pain, arthritis, post-surgical protocols, sport-specific rehab, Parkinson’s, and more.  If you aren’t sure what physical therapy has to offer and would like to chat with one of our physical therapists, stop in at our New Hope or Furlong office today.  We offer free 15-minute consultations by appointment.

We accept most major insurances including Medicare.  You can stop by or call our office, and we will check your benefits to determine how much you would be responsible for per visit (if any). If you would prefer not to use insurance, we also offer other options – call us to find out more.

Visit Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates’ website where you can read more about our clinicians and the services we provide for physical therapy in Bucks County.  We look forward to working with you!

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