Cornerstone founder Jim Bishop

From Our Founder: The Community At Cornerstone Clubs Is Key to Lifelong Wellness

I’m often asked why Cornerstone continues to be a steady, thriving community among changes and trends in exercise and local health clubs. As we celebrate our twenty-third anniversary this month, the answer is just that: our Cornerstone Communitya community that has grown organically with a nurturing support to be what it is today.

By community at Cornerstone Clubs I mean the safety net we’ve grown, made up of people that help our members stay committed to health and fitness for the long-term, no matter what curveballs life throws at them: our instructors, coaches, wellness professionals, community partners, and other likeminded members. Our new video explains our unique concept of community and a glimpse into a culture conveyed by our staff and members at our Doylestown and New Hope facilities.

I am very proud to spread the word about Cornerstone’s Community, simply because of our team of people who have supported and are aligned with our vision.  2018 marks another year of our ongoing commitment to keep building a community that helps you find the right fit, stay on track, and reach your wellness goals. And not just for the short term, but for the long haul – to keep your health a priority all year long. Our mission is to provide an environment that allows you the opportunity to live a longer, happier, healthier life!

Whatever obstacles, challenges, or changes you’re dealing with, we find solutions to keep you motivated so you can stick with it. This is why we provide and continually enhance our services to help you enjoy the process and get results – such as complimentary fitness assessments; a full-service spa; partnerships with Doylestown Health for cancer fitness and cardiac rehabilitation; a variety of over 300 Group Exercise classes per week; personal and group training options; Parkinson’s Fit, a program designed specifically for those with Parkinson’s Disease; and blogs and eBooks, like How to Establish a Fitness Program That Works that share our staff’s personal stories of successfully making their health a priority and commitment.

In addition to learning about our community concept, I wanted to share a few more insights that I’ve learned over the years  – from my personal quest to make fitness a lifetime commitment to watching thousands of others make exercise a constant in their lives.

There’s no denying that exercise is good for you. In fact, with all of the findings, it’s safe to say that exercise can be a benefit to just about everything you do in life. Many people even refer to it as an elixir. Of course, most people realize this.

The key is focusing on exercise as a life-long commitment and not a short-term resolution (such as losing weight for the summer or for an upcoming wedding). A recent study by the Center for Disease Control estimates that nearly 80 percent of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week, potentially setting themselves up for years of health problems.

So what are the 20 percent of those people who regularly exercise doing that gets them to make health and fitness a lifetime journey?  It’s a combination of things – and the more one takes advantage of them, the more you’ll be able to reap the life time benefits of exercise.

COMMUNITY:  The first of course, is community. Being part of a community with like-minded people is one of the most important factors of creating a consistent exercise regimen. That place that keeps you on track and focused. One that is welcoming, supportive, and motivating.

VARIETY:  Diversifying your exercise routine helps to break through that plateau that everyone experiences. It beats workout boredom and keeps your brain healthy. Among others, it will get you excited about exercise again.

LIFESTYLE: Exercise is not a fad or trend – if you want to get the most out of life, make your health and fitness a lifestyle.  Reap the many benefits that exercise provides and make it a part of your life in some way – every day.

I invite you to visit any of our facilities, or website or give us a call.  Learn more about our Community and how it truly makes a difference in people’s lives…happier, healthier and longer.

On behalf of the Cornerstone Community, I wish you a happy, healthy 2018!


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