Beyond Senior Fitness Classes – What Motivates You to Stay Active As You Age?

Active Seniors with kids arms in the airOur oldest Cornerstone members (seniors) and youngest (summer campers) participate in our Young & Young at Heart classes – a series of generational events that brings them together for active fun and benefits all. Photos by Adrianna Parsons Photography.

Let me guess, it probably isn’t what motivated you in your 20s and 30s! And quite possibly you didn’t even actively exercise during those years where we were all busy with jobs, life and kids!  I know I always found it hard to make the time back then.  Plus, I always felt strong and healthy and was constantly on the move.  But as we get older, life changes, priorities shift and our needs are different.  So, what now?  What keeps us motivated to exercise rather than taking the easy path straight to the recliner?  How do YOU stay active you age?

Seniors working out with weighted ballHaving been instructing and working with Seniors for over a decade, plus inching my way to the golden age myself, I think I have a pretty good idea of some of the answers to this question.  But I decided to put it to my seniors and ask them.  Here is what they said:

“I feel so much better when I exercise and it helps me with my leg problems” – Janet
“To maintain and improve my physical, mental, social and emotional well-being” – Carol
“My goal is to die healthy!” – Bob
“Keeping up with my grandchildren!” – Ed
“I’m in the best shape of my life due to exercise (as a result of a heart attack) and I want to stay that way!” – Liz
“To be independent and no burden on my children” – Patricia
“To keep myself physically and mentally fit – at least as best I can!” Toni
“If you don’t use it, you lose it!” Pauline

So, reading through this list, what do you notice? I noticed that there were lots of exclamation points!  These seniors are passionate about their exercise and the reasons they keep with it.  They also cited exercise as restorative, using it to help repair the physical ailments that come with aging.  And interestingly, seniors want to exercise not just for themselves, but for their family members.  And finally, it is not just about the physical benefits, but the mental and social benefits as well.

Senior Enjoying ExerciseAs an instructor, it is my goal to keep our seniors motivated by making classes fun and by creating a positive social environment for everyone to enjoy.  I want our seniors to get results, feel stronger and overcome physical issues.  I want to make Cornerstone the “happy place” for seniors when they need a pick-me-up and a friendly face.  From the front desk to housekeeping to fitness pros, we all have the same goal in mind – to help you stay active and healthy as you age!

So, if you are feeling short on motivation, take a look at this list, see what works for you, and maybe add your own.  Write your motivational statement on a piece of paper, tack it up and read it to remind yourself why you need to get out the door and head to Cornerstone!

(And just as an aside, my favorite motivational statement was from Bob who said “My goal is to die healthy.” But I might add, “Or die trying!”)


Cornerstone Clubs offers both onsite and virtual opportunities for active aging in addition to many senior fitness classes at our two locations. CONTACT US to learn more about our senior options.

Senior playing with one child having fun

Pattie Beans-Clark, is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach and Fitness Instructor

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